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We offer part-time job opportunities and training for undergraduate and graduate science and medical students in various fields, including laboratory research, data analysis, and Medical affiliate marketing.

Our jobs and training are designed to provide practical work experience and valuable skills that will benefit students in their future careers.


At HealthHunker, we believe that collaboration is key to scientific advancement. That’s why we prioritize partnerships with a range of organizations, including academic institutions, research labs, and healthcare providers. By partnering with these organizations, we are able to offer a wider range of job opportunities and resources to our community. We also work closely with our partners to identify areas of research that are particularly promising or in need of support, and to develop strategies for addressing key challenges in the field.

Our Expert Team

Dr. Samar Sakr

Founder & CEO

Samar is an ideator person, an entrepreneur with two years of experience in the market, built the mother company of medpharaohs. She is also a biochemist, an experienced academic writer with more than three years of experience, published many articles internationally in stem cells, Cardiology, and so on, and helped many researchers in their journey through their articles. Samar started her research journey as a research assistant trainee at the Center of Excellence in Cancer Research (CECR); she also contributed in research with several institutions such as Zewail city and National Heart Institute. She has a long journey of more than five years in national and international nonprofit institutions such as the united nation.

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