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The Central Laboratory for Design and Statistical Analysis Research (CLDSAR) was established in 1940 as a Design and Statistical Analysis Unit in the Experimental Agricultural Division of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). Its main responsibilities were designing experiments and conducting statistical analysis for data surveys and for experiments carried out by the MOA. In 1958, the unit became a research division for design and statistical analysis. Research units in the MOA consulted with the division for approval of their experimental design and assistance in analyzing data and reviewing publications. The division’s main role was to secure valid conclusions from data and experiments that can be used in research and extension programs, planning and decision making.
In 1971, the Central Authority of the Agricultural Research Center (ARC) was established and the division became one of its major laboratories. In 1976, it became the Central Laboratory for Design and Statistical Analysis Research, consisting of two research divisions. The first division was responsible for experimental design and computer programming and the second for scientific computation and data registration.
In 1984, the Central Statistics Department of the ARC was formed within CLDSAR and became responsible for compiling information on ARC employees including Egyptian and non-Egyptian staff on microfilm and computer. This information is used by the Central Agency for public Mobilization and Statistics for many purposes, including statistical surveys and census, planning, general mobilization and publishing statistical books.
Since 1971, CLDSAR has cooperated with other ARC institutes and laboratories to improve technologies and services available to Egyptian agriculture through research and extension. Examples of the contributions offered by CLDSAR include improved estimation of plot size and shape and number of replications. This has led to increasing experimental efficiency of crops such as wheat, cotton, fababean and sorghum.

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