Cairo Demographic Center (CDC)


CDC was established in 1963 according to an agreement between the Egyptian Government and the United Nations. In January 1992, a presidential decree designated CDC as an independent institution. In 1992, CDC was declared an independent institution, making the end of the three decades of UN support. Starting that year, CDC operated under the auspices of the Egyptian government and was affiliated in 2003 to the Minister of Planning. In 2006 CDC was newly affiliated to the Ministry of Economic Development. CDC provides training at various academic levels to persons working in the field of Population in the countries of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. CDC executes and conducts training programs and awards students with General Diploma in Demography, Special Diploma in Population and Development as well as MPhil degree in Demography. CDC organizes intensive programs, symposiums, and workshops on Demography, Statistics, and Computer. Research Monographs, Working Papers, Occasional Papers, Population & Development Series, UN Translated Series, and Newsletters are regularly published by CDC. CDC cooperates and exchanges expertise with regional and international organizations, universities, and institutes. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in New York approved giving full accreditation to CDC as an Executing Agency. CDC has one of the richest demographic libraries in the Middle East. The library uses POPLINE Program obtained from Johns Hopkins University. From 1963 to 2007, CDC graduated 2002 researchers and trainees who obtained Diplomas and MPhil Degree in Population and Development. They came from 81 countries in Africa, Asia and East Europe. CDC computer Labs encompass the most up-to-date equipment and use the latest demographic and statistical program packages. Besides, data are available on studies and surveys that have been conducted in Egypt and countries served by CDC.


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