National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF) – Red Sea


(NIOF) is one of the eleven national research institutes affiliated to the Ministry of State for Scientific Research of Egypt.

Our Mission is achieve sustainable development of marine and fresh water resources through increasing their potentials for food all sources ad working towards reducing poverty.

VISION Maintaining, promoting and conserving the water environment and their natural resources.


Hurghada Branch is one of the oldest branches in which increasing the awareness of oceanography that started since 1932. This branch was the main edifice of this science in Egypt and the Arab world and became the window on the recent studies on oceanography and the Red Sea creatures that God has endowed us. People should be made aware of ways of protecting and preserving marine environment and its contents including colorful fishes and coral reefs which are deemed the main source of tourism in the Governorate. I hope that efforts exerted by the researchers will be intensified, cooperation and support will be provided to them by all the stakeholders and authorities concerned for raising standard of the institute and preserving this aspect of Egypt’s national wealth.

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Hurghada, Red Sea
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