Siwa Research Station – Desert Research Center


Siwa Oasis is located 300 km Southwest of Marsa Matruh and about 600 km west of the Nile Valley. It is considered a closed valley in the Western Desert (18 m below sea level). Siwa Oasis is distinguished by its unique location, capabilities, and land and water resources, which make it one of the promising areas for comprehensive development programmes. The station consists of two farms, Tegzerti and Khemisa, with an area of ​​about fifty feddan each. Tegzerti farm is located 4 km west of Siwa’s Markaz, and Khamisa farm is located 13 km west of Siwa’s Markaz.

The objectives of Siwa Research Station:

Studying the problems of animal production, poultry and fish wealth, in order to preserve and develop it under desert environment conditions, and working on developing pastoral and fodder resources and maintaining natural pastures.
Studying the palm and olive species and working on propagating good ones for the purpose of economic investments and social development.
Participating in developing and spreading wheat and maize cultivation in Siwa community, with the aim of reaching self-sufficiency and changing some agricultural customs and patterns.
Working to stabilize sand dunes, to reduce the speed of dust-laden winds, and to cultivate of windbreaks and green fences.
Studying the problems of agricultural drainage and the high level of surface and ground water.
Providing agricultural extension services and scientific advices to farmers and investors in desert areas and newly reclaimed areas.
Producing vegetable and fruit seedlings and agricultural mechanization services with minor prices to the citizens.
Participating in the human and cultural development programs in the region by creating job opportunities and providing farmers with technical skills that contribute in the development of agriculture

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300 km Southwest of Marsa Matruh and about 600 km west of the Nile Valley
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