The Central Agricultural Pesticide Laboratory (CAPL)


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The Central Agricultural Pesticide Laboratory (CAPL), was established in the fifties upon the agreement between the Egyptian Government and the FAO. In 1970 the work began in the laboratory. The CAPL is one of the research laboratories belonging to the Agricultural Research Center. According to the law of agriculture number 55 in 1966 and the ministerial law number 622 in 2008 the CAPL controls the importations, manufactures and formulators of pesticides. The central pesticide lab also checks the validity of pesticides according to specifications of the FAO and the WHO. The central pesticide lab has become, one on the main central laboratories of ARC. The CAPL consists of 10 departments in addition to 7 administrations serving the research, the researchers and the workers at the CAPL and its branching stations.

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7, Nadi El-Said St., Dokki, Guiza, Egypt.
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