The National Planning Institute (INP)


The National Planning Institute was established by Law No. 231 of 1960 as a public institution with an independent legal personality to enhance the approach and thought of scientific planning in Egypt through research, training and educational activities, support the role and tasks of the Ministry of Planning, disseminate thought and planning work in all national institutions, and spread a culture of planning in the Egyptian society.

In confirmation of the Institute’s role in supporting comprehensive development in Egypt since its establishment, the Institute has been provided with the necessary human and material capabilities and has sent many scholarships to all parts of the world to obtain scientific degrees in various disciplines, and the Institute has also brought in the world’s leading experts in the field of development and planning for the transfer of experience And knowledge to the Institute, and many areas of cooperation with international organizations of the United Nations, and many scientific institutes in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The institute was also provided with technological capabilities with the standards of the times, as the institute had the honor and preceded the possession of the first computer in Egypt in 1960.

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